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Place your bets on almost every sport over the internet. Bet from home without going to the actual land based betting office, Compare deals from many operators and benefit from the best offer.

What is bet From Home?

Bet from home is basically online sports betting, it can be done from many different sites and as long as an internet connection is available. One of the fastest forms of this type of betting is by mean of a mobile phone. While mobile phone gambling has been available for a few years the uptake has been relatively slow, but now that the Smartphone has come into popular use, betting from home is one of the fastest growing forms of mobile gambling.

It is basically a case of putting your money where your mouth is; in other words placing a wager on what you believe the outcome of a sporting event will be. There are three main types of wager, for a win, a draw, or a loss; these bets have also been split out to encompass the likelihood of other outcomes during the same event. Since the advent of betting exchanges in the early 2000's, there has also been a great deal of interest shown in the outcome of international sporting events in real time. For example UK sporting fans have taken a great liking to Male Championship College Basketball, and American soccer fans made massive wagers during the last two FIFA World Cup events.

Understanding the Odds:
With bet from home it is important for the punter to understand what odds he is being offered. Because of betting exchanges and the popularity of wagering events all over the world, there are three sets of odds the punter may have to read. To keep it simple to understand, these are essentially the mathematical probability of one of the three outcomes we mentioned previously taking place; either a victory, a loss or a draw. The punter is not required to calculate odds, the bookmaker on the sports betting site has already done this; all the punter needs to know is how to read odds to determine if they think it is a worthwhile wager or not.

Once reading the odds is understood it is possible to get deeper into betting from home and wager on margins of winning or losing, what the points or goal scores will be, which player will score the most, player statistics and other special areas of fancy. Whatever the punter wants, the book maker will usually offer a specific set of odds. In the UK a great deal of betting also takes place on propositions and this is great fun. This also happens in the US sometimes and is most famously or should we say infamously undertaken for the Super bowl. These "prop bets" as they are called, are designed to get publicity for the bookmakers, spread out the bet sports from home bucks and add an element of fun to the proceedings; this is the type of event where punters tend to bet with their hearts and not with their heads.

Fractional odds are used in the UK, while European, Canadian and Australian odds are expressed as decimals. Most betting exchanges use the decimal structure because these are easier to work with, while in the US odds are expressed as positive or negatives; which are called money line odds.

Annemasse Casino: € 30,000 robbed

Friday, 29 August 2014
Playing casino games mostly provides fun and one could take home an impressive jackpot. But sometimes, the dream of winning more could turn into a nightmare. Such is the case of Annemasse Casino (Haute-Savoie). In fact, two armed men in balaclavas smashed the casino door and burst into the room. The...
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Hotel & Casino resorts: In an endless view to innovate

Wednesday, 27 August 2014
Today, with the advent of online casino games, governments in any country (where casino games and gambling are legalized) have taken a further step forward into instituting a new gaming regulation and policy. Actually, casinos have become a great means to attract tourists, a real boon for hotels. Speaking of the...
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France: Many stars are involved in online poker!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014
We have noticed that stars and gambling is a good combination as well as many actors and athletes are currently entering into parody of these gambling on the web and especially in online poker. Among the most known in the world of these online gambling, we can mention Patrick Bruel with...
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French Ligue 1: OM is very active in the market of transfer

Friday, 18 July 2014
The Olympique de Marseille is one of the most active French team in the market of player transfer. Over € 20 million has been allocated to rebuild the OM club following the arrival of the coach from Argentina Marcelo Bielsa. Mobile gambling bets on the OM for the next season in...
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Brazil Progresses into The Quarter Finals of the World Cup

Thuesday, 01 July 2014
Brazil is one of the favourites to win this year’s World Cup tournament and for good reason. The tournament is being played in their country and they have one of the world’s best players on their side in Barcelona star Neymar. So far he has been carrying his team and has...
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Watching the World Cup in Brazil 2014

Wednesday, 18 June 2014
The World Cup in Brazil 2014 is a sporting competition that is captivating the whole world. Even if you are not a football fan it is hard to not get caught up in all of the drama and attention of this competition. There are always so many moments that capture the...
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Bayern: Alcantara is officially Bavarian

Wednesday, 24 July 2013
The current champion of Europe 2013, Bayern Munich, is already preparing the new season of football in Germany, aiming the next competitions like the Champion’s League, a championship well attended by the enthusiasts of online betting. For that purpose, the team proceeds to recruitments. Sunday, the Bavarian club officialized the arrival...
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Full Belgian Operating License for PokerStars

Thursday, 09 February 2012
PokerStars and online casino operator Circus Groupe have announced that thier Belgian site www.pokerstars.be has become one of the first to be granted the Casino de Namur A+ license.
They joined forces in October 2010, offering their services to players under the regulation of the Belgian Gaming Commission in a test...
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